Our fun, caring and energetic stylists  will not only give a great haircut to any of our beautiful visitors, but will also provide a long-lasting pleasant experience!

Among many others, these types of female haircuts are among the most popular ones:
  • Pixie dream
  • Asymmetrical undercut
  • Flared bob
  • Layered bob
  • Lovely bob
  • Beveled bob
  • Layered look
  • Messy beach look
  • Soft shag
  • Blunt bob
  • Crimson layers
  • Blunt cut
  • Purple ombre
  • Blonde lob
  • Rich red waves
  • Chocolate caramel crush
  • Waves deluxe
  • Cherry dip dye


  • $89.00 for new customers
  • $79.00 for regular customers
  • $89.00 if more than 3 sessions


Brenda is one of the three good friends, who once decided to found the best hairdressing salon in the entire Manhattan!

Brenda has spent more than 15 years as a professional stylist in New York City and was recently named as one of the top four stylists in Manhattan.

It’s important to mention, that she was the only woman on the list, compiled by a renown Allure magazine.

Brenda opened up her own hairdressing salon’s doors way back in 2001 and has since amassed a devoted following.

That’s all due to her insightful practical knowledge of hair textures, awareness of the multiple industries and haircare trends and pop culture, down-to-earth charisma, and a natural talent.

Also throughout her career, she’s created a hairstyle for magazine editorials and runways shows…

Wanna get a brand new look or refresh your current hairdo?


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