Children's haircuts

Children’s haircuts

It happens quite often, that while a busy mom visits our hairdressing salon to get a brand new or a refreshed look, she brings her child in too.

As working mothers themselves, our stylists can easily relate to that and that’s why we offer a unique service that can book you a double time slot both for you and your child…

Regardless of any antics that kids might go through during a visit to a hairstylist, we work our magic pretty fast.

We divide the children’s haircuts into few main categories:
  • Hairstyles for toddlers
  • Hairstyles for little boys (3-11)
  • Hairstyles for little girls (3-11)
  • Hairstyles for Teenage Girls
  • Hairstyles for Teenage Boys


  • $89.00 for new customers
  • $79.00 for regular customers
  • $89.00 if more than 3 session


While her main work focus is children’s haircuts, Alicia is good basically at anything she does.

Just ask her returning clients!

Alicia’s first hairstyling practice came at an early age of 16. When Alicia gave the first haircut to a family friend, she was so pleased, that Alicia’s parents immediately sensed a possible future career path for their daughter…

Throughout high school and college, she was famous for her talent of cutting hair and creating unique hairstyles. When Alicia decided to convert her hobby into a profession, she was most excited to make people feel good about themselves.

An Indianapolis native, Alicia attended college on the West Coast where she tailored her degree to the beauty industry. In 2012, she decided to move to New York and there she began her career at our hairstyling salon.

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